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BUST Magazine London Summer Craftacular 2009

August 23, 2009
BUST Craftacular

BUST Craftacular

Saturday August 22nd saw American indie-feminist magazine, BUST, bring its Summer Craftacular show to London again. York Hall in Bethnal Green, to be precise.  It was the first time I’d been to a bona fide indie craft fair, so I really didn’t know what to expect, but it was pretty awesome.  We arrived around 12.20pm and had to queue to for about 20 minutes, it was that popular!  I dragged my fiance Matt along, as I have very few girly pals in London (er, that would be none)  that are also interested in indie crafts, and it seems some other ladies had the same idea, so there were a fair few men in the consumer base.

Inside were 50 exhibitors peddling their wares.  We’d only got to the end of the first row before we were dithering over how many of these amazing

porcelain bottles, made by Me Me Me,we were going to buy.   They came in black too!  In the end, we decided to wait until we actually bought a house, instead of filling a bizarre rented maisonette with more stuff that couldn’t be displayed as we wanted.  But, at £10 to £15, they were a great bargain.  We’ll definitely be getting some of these soon.

I also really loved Lost at Sea‘s incredible wood veneer jewellery.  These folks cut out veneer, dye it, and assemble the often 35+ separate pieces into the coolest vintage tattoo style accessories.   Their necklaces are a little too dear for my budget, but this Rose Bud brooch is pretty sublime, no?  Subtle.  That’s just 38 of your shiny English pounds please.  I actually think it’s way nicer and more unusual than Tatty Devine, so I would definitely be up for paying that.

Probably the most inspiring stall, for myself, was Minipatisserie, a line of fimo jewellery consisting of, er, miniature food, basically.  And some of it was even scented.  How the jesus crap do you scent fimo? That’s an achievement, ladies!  They even present the whole lot on dolls’ house furniture! How rad is that?  Seriously, I just bloody love cake – I love eating it, I love making it, I love looking at it, and now, if I ever actually get a bit of spare money that isn’t going towards my wedding or the house deposit, I would love to wear it.  So maybe someone wants to buy me some Minipatisserie’s goodies for my birthday, huh?  You can do so here.   I’ll be your best friend.  They come on silver chains, ribbons, or as earrings and rings.  Just look how darling it is!:

It makes you shrug off all those bad childhood experiences of Fimo, and give it a try yourself, eh?  I wonder if I could ever have this much patience.  I have a tendency to sack things off completely when they go just a little bit wrong, so I imagine I would waste a hell of a lot of material to begin with.  Man, at least I would be using the oven for something other than cakes though.

I also picked up a copy of Sugar Paste: 20 things to make and do, which has given me a pretty great idea for my hen night. Ha, yes, I just got my hen night idea from a craft zine, that’s correct.   This little gem also reminded me that I haven’t seen Empire Records in forever, so off we trundled to our local ‘film library’ (this ain’t no video shop – good luck trying to find it if you don’t know the director or his/her nationality) – but no dice.

Matt picked up a copy of LoveToPrint’s Obsession drawing zine, which features awesome pieces like ‘I Love Cats’ by Gemma Correll.  She says she likes to squeeze their little faces.  I’m down with that.  Matt loves it.  I like it that he got so inspired by a craft show too – he wants to do more prints, which makes me happy.  Matt is a graphic designer working in the apparel/fashion industry, and he does great paintings when he has the time, energy and inspiration.  He doesn’t spend enough time doing it though, but I’m sure everyone has some hobby they want to do infinitely more of.

There is a myriad more designers/makers I feel I should mention, but this was the best of the show for me.

One thing I was disappointed not to find there was  DIY kits.  It was very much a consumer fair, which I suppose is the point for many people, but I thought I might find things like…I don’t know… cross-stitch kits or something.  I guess I’ll be going to Crafternoon or The Make Lounge at some point though, so the onus should be on me to become a producer.  At the very least, I was impressed and inspired by the Craftacular, although I didn’t meet any other girls really (is this because I’m an aloof arsehole most of the time though? Answers on a postcard),  and it helped me to find out a lot about the London craft scene.

In all, a mighty fine afternoon out.  Well done Bust Magazine!

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  1. redbadgerette permalink
    August 23, 2009 8:21 pm

    I meant to go to this event but got caught at home decorating… Sounds brilliant! Where and when are the other two events you mention?

    • threadandburied permalink*
      August 23, 2009 8:27 pm

      Aw shame, it was great. Crafternoon is run by the East London Craft Guerrilla ( – it’s a monthly craft afternoon, I think it’s at the Old Queen’s Head on Essex Road. The Make Lounge is a venue/workshop place in Islington – – where they do loads of craft classes. I’ve never been to either (yet) but I imagine them to be pretty good fun! 🙂

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