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August 23, 2009

So, my new blog.  I’ve had a few in the past, and I still have a dormant bunch, just because I like to clog up usernames so other people can’t have them.  I’m mean like that.  Whatevs.

Anyways, I guess I needed another creative outlet – I spend most of my working day proofreading, which must indicate that I’m really anal, and probably more than a little autistic.  But I still have a creative side, although it’s lurking waaay underneath somewhere.  I’ve been working on being less of a consumer, and more of a producer of late, hence Thread and Buried.  I’m baking a lot more, and trying to do a lot more craft projects, and I find internet blogging to be very conducive to inspiration, and meeting more women, which are two things that I really need in my life.

In the past I’ve often needed The Assistant’s album, We’ll Make the Roads by Walking, to remind me not to become a total arsehole, and to stay punk rock.  This has recently been compounded by contact with a bunch of women I admire, and that inspire me on a daily basis – my best friend Lex Rigby, Jen and Erica Daking of All-Mighty Clothing, Natalie Slater of Bake and Destroy and a whole host of other wonderfully creative, conscientious ladies like the blogging baker The Urban Housewife, Theo Kogan of the Lunachicks,  Jen Hart of Sublime Stitching, to name just a few.

I’m not really sure what direction things are going to take.   I might only post once a month, but as I said, whatevs.  I’ll try not to be an arsehole.

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