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Old stitching, perpetual bitching

September 16, 2009

I did this some time last year.  I can’t actually remember when, but this bag that Lex gave me for my birthday a few years ago has been used almost to death.  I love it, and because I used it so much, I had to wash it, and the first time I washed it, it faded, and then I was sad.  The permanence issue was solved by embroidery.  This was my first real project:

I did save you, little bag!

I did save you, little bag!

It took a bloody lot of black thread, that’s for sure.   It actually started with the unlined ‘Save Me’ part, which I did in green.  I think this bit looks the best because there was no outline here and so the thick black line doesn’t show, as it does on the rest of the bag:


On reflection, I probably should’ve used a wider stitch for the black, to cover the outline, but I did this at least a year ago when I was learning embroidery, and I’m still pretty stoked with how it turned out. 

I have a very fine-printed intricate Alfonse Mucha tote as well, but it’s all in green, which may be boring as an emroidery project, and I don’t know if I can accurately copy it in colour.  There’s also the problem of satin stitching in all the block colours…. I’m a bit crap at that.

So there you go. 

On a personal note, some people seem to be surprised and threatened by me being creative, even though it’s nothing that new for me, but then they’re usually by people  (I’m sad to say that I’m actually referring to a woman here) who have made no effort to get to know me properly.  So when they do find these things out that may overlap with their own creativity, they seem to feel very threatened.   I don’t get that about girls, which is why I guess I don’t have many girlfriends.

People’s insecurities seem to make them very snide and passive-aggressive sometimes, and women hating women (which I see a lot of and seem to directly experience a fair amount of) is just a waste of time.  Kristen Ferrell posted exactly how I feel about this here.  Here is a little excerpt:

girls in our culture are raised to hate each other.  It’s not taught to us by our parents or at school in a direct manner- but through our observations of the actions of other women, messages from the media, male-dominated religion (if we’re raised with one), and our society’s behavioral norms.

I seem to take things very personally, so if I feel someone is behaving in a passive-aggressive manner towards me, I distance myself from them, and we don’t become friends (usually).  Hence it takes just one snarky comment from a person I’m getting to know, and Poof! I’m not going to bother with them any longer.  I figured life is too short to be friends with snide people and it does take me ages to get to know people: time that could potentially be spent doing things with a lower risk of betrayal and greater chance of success (like, er, listening to Swiz in my bedroom).  I do not give my time easily.  But since everyone has some degree of personal shittiness, I find myself faced with an increasing number of people who do not meet my standards of friendship.

However, this does mean that the friends I already have are sure to be of the very highest calibre.  It’s both heartening and depressing – the rest of humanity must try harder, or I must learn to drop the bar a bit.

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  1. November 11, 2009 11:18 pm

    Oh I’m a sucker for a nautical anchor! I really like what you’ve done with the stitching.

    Florrie x

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