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Hand in hand is the only way to land

September 24, 2009

Sometimes it’s difficult trying to reconcile my love of stylish clothes and adornments with having been so into hardcore and punk – the two are anathema to each other.  Or they should be, in an ideal world.  But whatever, fashion at shows is another thing entirely.  This is pure indulgence on my part, but sometimes I get really obsessed with totally random things like the green organza coat from Marni’s last collection, and now, NOW, I’ve developed a little preocupation with handflowers, or ‘slave bracelets’.  I’m sure that last term must be unPC and sexist but hey-ho, that seems to be what they are called.   These are what brought said preoccupation  on initially:

Clover bracelet from Bona Drag Flair

Clover bracelet from Bona Drag Flair

Fannie Schiavoni chain glove
Only £15,000 - I'll have 6 then!

The middle chainmail glove is by Fannie Schiavoni – it’s available from, and I think it’s about £120.  I tired to put that in the caption but WordPress is quite determined to hide my captions up its arse, so they can stay there. It looks like its going to do that with the third one too now. Awesome, WordPress, thanks.  The last skeleton one is by Delfina Delettrez, heir to the Fendi empire.  Some people have it all.

Anyway, there’s no reason I’d usually spend this much money on something so esoteric, except maybe the Bona Drag Flair one…so I started hunting for cheaper equivalents and this led me to some rather cool goth jewellery:

Demiglove from Dragonweave

Demiglove from Dragonweave

Skeleton hands bracelets from Black Rose

Skeleton hands bracelets from Black Rose

Freaky/cool.  I blame this all on Kingdom of Style – Queen Michelle I love you!
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