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Long time no drivel.

November 18, 2009

I’m not very good at telling the time, despite the fact that I am now a grown-ass woman. I used to wear a Calvin Klein watch with a metal strap, until I tripped up the stairs at my old job and banged my wrist on a fire extinguisher (put a fucking fire extinguisher on the stairs, why don’t you? Good work dickheads!) – thereby damaging it beyond repair. It was a bit of a sad day, but not too much, since I only had it because my dad bought it for my mum and she didn’t wear it because it had a metal strap. She’s picky like that, and I suppose I’ve inherited this in many ways.

Long story short: I have not worn a wristwatch since 2005.  I always fancied a Swatch one but really struggled finding one that was rad enough (yeah, everything I have must be ‘rad’, I know, it’s pathetic).  My friend Adrienne has a great Gwen Stefani one that’s got bananas on, but I figured that if I had that, I probably would never stop THIS SHIT’S BANANAS! B-A-N-A….. you see, there it is, that’s the kind of Tourettesian effect it would have on me. I cannot risk this.

I received this badboy for my birthday, which suits me incredibly, even if I do say so myself:

 It’s a Vannen watch by Brian Morris, who is a really amazing artist that does the most incredible drawings.  He gets featured in I Want Your Skull loads, which me and the boy are both fans of.  The packaging was also signed by him, I don’t know if that makes me special or not. I’m guessing not.  But now I’m telling the time all by myself! Yeah! (I’m not actually that bad really.)

In other news, I will try to make more time for blogging, since I did a ton of baking projects that I really should record. I’m too busy eating and sewing beads on fabric to write – and my parents would like it if I got a bit chubbier for our wedding. Ah, bless you misguided fools, I love you, but my shoulders are not the bit of me that’s going to get fatter, as you would like, you know?  Sweet, all the same, and I am definitely prepared to shove pounds of cake into my mouth in aid of this worthy cause.

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