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Cupcake correction

December 11, 2009

It’s wrong of me to say that Albion’s cupcakes are the only kind I’ve left unfinished.  I can in fact safely say that Turkish Delight cupcakes are possibly the most offensive thing I have ever tasted in cupcake form, and the Albion’s little cakes are far superior to them, by simple virtue of them being edible.

The worst thing is that someone at work made these for a charity morning.  I paid to taste it.  I don’t have pictures, unfortunately, but I tried to squeeze a tiny bit of enjoyment from these Turkish Delight abominations by leaving the foul dough and scraping the icing off with my teeth.  Fuck that, was there perfume in the frosting or something? Ugh.  Quite honestly the most bitter, abhorent cake I have ever tasted.   DO NOT WANT.

If anyone has an edible recipe for Turkish Delight cupcakes, bring it on.

Oh, and I find it really weird that someone has stumbled upon my blog by googling ‘chainmail girls fucking’.  You, sir, (yes, I am assuming you are a man, that’s sexist but whatever) are an odd one and I imagine that you did not find what you were looking for here. At least, I hope that you didn’t.

Although this is probably a lesson to me that I should cut down on swearing on my blog….

Nah, just kidding. People who don’t cuss are WEIRD.

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  1. Adrienne permalink
    December 12, 2009 11:42 am

    Ha! So funny, because I couldn’t read your latest post/blog from work because of all the swears.

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