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Bust Christmas Craftacular 2009 – highlights, according to me

December 16, 2009

Yes, another one! It feels like hardly any time at all since the summer one, but anyway, here’s what I thought was rad:

Glazed and Confused ceramics:

Photo from Glazed and Confused's blog

I really liked these. I think mainly because this one has terriers on it. Tana West is a talented person indeed! I thought about buying my mum a teapot, but since she’s the kind of person that drinks instant coffee, I imagine the effort involved in brewing a proper tea is anathema to her, and so it would be wasted.  So one day I’m going to buy one for myself, and I won’t waste a beautiful teapot.

I Dream in Clockwork:

Cute stuff made by Lorraine Williams out of watch parts. I don’t know why I picked this picture, since it has little to do with watches, but this is apparently some of her stuff, and I remember seeing way more on her stall than I could find on her myspace page.

Jazmine Miles-Long:

Yes, taxidermy is controversial. I understand this, and if you’re offended by the sight of a dead taxidermied animal, DO NOT SCROLL DOWN. But I can also say that I am not really a vegetarian (I eat meat-substitutes at home, but mainly for ecological reasons rather than for animal rights), and I think animals, like humans, can be very beautiful in death, and for that reason I find it fascinating as both a profession and an art form.  And I’m also pretty maudlin, I suppose – I love the macabre.  Jazmine uses only animals that have died naturally or as road casualties, as do most art taxidermists – her business card reads ‘Ethical Taxidermist’.  Now, she’s not quite Polly Morgan, but I do like this lamb, below. At the Craftacular, it was presented in a silk-lined wooden box – it was really very beautiful.  Some of her other work that was there I’m unable to find on her page, but it was one of the most interesting stalls there, for me.

So here’s the lamb (it looks like it’s sleeping, for the squeamish):

There was also a ton of other amazing designer-makers that I cannot mention because of Christmas Present Reasons. Oh well, someone’s going to get something well doody for Christmas this year, lucky you! It’s a surprise though! Anyway, here’s some more pictures of the event:

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