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The truth doesn’t come when called

February 11, 2010

I went to a hardcore show this weekend just gone, an alldayer that was also a launch for the book [un]titled, a collection by European hardcore/punk photographers .

Music first. Here’s who played:

Special Move
Deal With It
More Than Life
Cold Snap
Hang The Bastard
Broken Teeth
World Gone Mad
A Long Time Dead
Stand Clear

We got there in the middle of about NeverxAgain.  To be honest, some of the bands were really quite shit (especially Special Move,  no offence guys but there’s a reason I haven’t seen you in more than a decade because you’re traumatic to me) – but More Than Life were really amazing and definitely the best UKHC band I’ve seen in a while.

Here’s some quite crappy pictures. (I miss my SLR, but more on that another time when my fiance isn’t waiting for me to finish pissing about on the laptop):

Hang the Bastard

More Than Life

Sheep, whose work features in the book.  I’ve known him since about 2000 when he was in 12th Angel Calling and we’ve always crossed paths in various ways. The latest has been bikes.

The book [un]titled itself is another welcome addition to my collection, and Sheep’s section in particular is interesting because I was at a lot of the shows that he’s photographed. They’re not that old,  I think the furthest he goes back is 2004, but it’s still pretty rad because the first photo in his section is the show, Edge Day, where I spoke to my fiance for the first time in Sheffield.  Good times! Some of my photos of the book are too dark, but that’s because I didn’t want the flash glare off the pages. Oh well.

This is the show where I first talked to the man I’m marrying in July this year!

There’s a couple of essays on hardcore photography in the back of the book. I haven’t got around to reading them yet (they look a little A-level media studies at first glance), but I may comment further when I’ve read them.

It’s good. It’s nice to go to a show – it still makes me uncomfortable and anxious when we’re travelling there, but it was actually alright again. I didn’t see anyone I know really, apart from Sheep, and some guys I don’t like from Leicester, so I didn’t talk to them (surprising huh? – I barely talk to people I do like, haha). Oh, and Pid from Dead Swans, but we don’t know him that well.  Thinking about going to see Floorpunch next week but sort of bricking it a bit, so I haven’t bought us tickets yet.  I’m still easing myself into gigs again – Floorpunch might be a bit much for an old lady like me. Although it’s probably one of those things I’ll regret not going to.

More guff on hardcore from me later.  Yeah, you can’t fucking wait, right?

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  1. MondoMatty permalink
    February 16, 2010 1:27 pm

    Yeah I went, it was pretty quiet but they were rad. I’ve only been in London for 6 months, and I totally get what you mean about shows here 😉

  2. MondoMatty permalink
    February 16, 2010 10:25 am

    Cool story, I’m just wondering. Why are you bricking it about going to shows? Sorry if that’s to personal a question.

    Floorpunch were cool by the way, did you make it last night?

    • threadandburied permalink*
      February 16, 2010 12:28 pm

      Nah, I didn’t go. Did you? Just out of practice at getting out of the house to go spend time in a scene where I no longer know anyone, or know any of these new bands that came out in the last 3 years. I’ve never really enjoyed London shows, really – even though I went to a lot as a kid here. I miss being in the Midlands! Come back Peterborough, all is forgiven….

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