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Doorstop shoes

March 15, 2010

I love wedges. I had some great Red or Dead ones as a young teen, and then some really uncomfortable Miss Sixty ones as an older teen.  My recently-rekindled preoccupation started a few seasons back with the Acne Atacomas and Jeffrey Campbell’s Potions, and moved into Carin Wester, and I’ve always always loved Natacha Marro (perhaps more so for her glittery heels though – I are magpie dragqueen, it’s time to admit to myself) .  I bought a cute retro pair in the Office sale last year, and I own quite a few pairs of clompy wedges these days.   And then I found Illex Kinni. And Vagabond. And Chloe (except they’re always too expensive for me).  It’s probably something to do with getting old and needing the arch support.

Go go orthopaedic shoes!:

My Office Casinos:

Thumbnail view of shoe

Paule Ka canvas wedge gym shoes:

Chloe lace up wedge ankle boots:

 Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair:

Chloe lace-ups:

 Chloé Lace-up canvas wedges

Atalanta Weller (photo via ElleUK) :

Natacha Marro:

Wedge Heel Mary Janes

Minimarket zipper wedge:

And these are my new favourite, which the rather talented Kate Wilson pointed out on her blog, by Beau Coops:


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  1. March 16, 2010 12:42 pm

    argh! i love wedges too much for words ❤

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