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Stuff getting me through this week

March 23, 2010

Photo from This is Glamorous

Gorgeous table-plan idea from Love My Dress, photo by the couple’s photographer, Karen MacGowran.  (Can you tell that our wedding day is getting closer and closer? Lots of things to plan and make and worry about.)

My Wedding in Whitby...

Outspoken are possibly doing a reunion?  Not that I have much truck with these types of shows. My track record in attending them is pretty shoddy. Needless to say, I didn’t manage to see Floorpunch. Going to a show for posterity and not because I really, really care about the band is a recipe for panic, misery and failure.

Could you not just actually eat this little chap? (Photo via fuckyeahbostonterriers)

I love belljars so much that sometimes I can’t even stand it. Yah, seriously. This photo is via Style Me Pretty

 from inspiration to reality

French bon-bon/apothecary jars: I have some of these for our wedding too! I love the labels. (Photo from Truly Smitten, via Martha Steward Weddings)

Belljar lamp via Design*Sponge.

Dear Miuccia, this has been my favourite of your last few collections. Sheer, cute prints and sparklies, all on one garment? I love you.  Photo from Fashion Gone Rogue.

O RLY? Dramatic groundhog embroidery from Sublime Stitching blog:

That will do. One day I might actually, you know, write a post.

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