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Sweet Cheeks

April 8, 2010

My pal Lex came to visit the big smoke on the last weekend of March – we always go out for vegan food and I spent most of my weekend stuffing my face with pad thai, biscuits, cakes and, um, more cakes.

On the way home from stuffing food in my mouth at Spitalfields (which is about 200 yards from our house), I dragged our visitors into a new temporary food hall in the Truman Brewery, in slavish deference to my sweet tooth.

Lo and behold, there were cakes destined for the four of us: Sweet Cheeks Ltd. Gluten free and/or vegan. Perfect.

We got these ones:

Two vegan (the chocolate ones with roses), two regular kind. I had to have the mojito cake because I love to try strange flavours in cupcakes (usually with the aim of inspiring some experiments at home), and this didn’t disappoint. Soooo tasty. Perfect icing and a good light, moist crumb.  This one tasted ever so slightly chocolatey as well, unsure if that was intentional or not.

Excuse the shoddy picture. I’m just shoddy. A shoddy little tyke. That is me.

I believe they’re based in Hertfordshire and will deliver to most places in North London.  Actual bliss. We might get them to do cakes for the vegans at our wedding, since they’re prettier than most things I make (yeah, not hard!).

A sewing post to come soon. I do actually do some, honest.

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