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Me and Chuck Biscuits

June 9, 2010

Hey, we’re both NOT DEAD! Not that I have been doing anything dangerous, so that’s hardly surprising, but, well, I’ve been busy living life and neglecting the chronicling thereof.

So, and what of it? Since I didn’t post anything at all in May, here’s what I did in some of that month (I will get up to speed with my activities in June in about, oooh, September).

My parents got this little guy! Yes, ewoks do exist!

Here’s some vids of tiny Alfie attack-jumping our English Pointer Merlin’s bed (EDIT: can’t seem to find this vid now, oops), being squeaked at by my dear mother and chewing my camera:

The same weekend we also went to Sheffield, Bradford, Leeds (with Lex and Max) and Manchester (Matt, for bike polo). My favourite bit was Lex’s beautiful vegan red velvet cupcakes:

and dancing til I was really tired at Juvi Hall. It was the first time I’d ever been to that club and I had the BEST time. Yes, I am drinking Strongbow in this picture. I am one classy bird. But at least we’re having a great time:

I made this – it was rather delicious although not at all refined, but you do have to slum it sometimes:

We had a potluck at our house, where we neglected to take any photos of the food, because we were, um, eating it and having an excellent time with our pals Bill and Anna, Mark and Adrienne, and Dan, getting a bit drunk and talking about politics and hardcore, and possibly fashion magazines, as evidenced below. I believe I ‘got my rekkids out’ at some point and was showing Bill that hardcore was still relevant because I do actually own records that were made in the last ten years (just).

Dessert was from the lovely Catherine of delectable Sweetcheeks fame:

We also had free tickets to the Grand Designs Live show, where our friend Jody Leach was exhibiting his rather doody compact table and chair design. I think I’m meant to say that was my favourite part, but honestly this ridiculous shark was (sorry Jody!):

Also, I got a new boss: he is called David Cameron, you might have heard of him. But I probably shouldn’t talk about that, suffice to say things at work will probably change lots once the new coalition has decided what parts of my Department it’s going to slay make more efficient. Meanwhile, at least Whitehall Gardens are awfully pretty when they’re planted up, and, provided I still have a job to go to for the rest of the summer, I get to pass these on the way to work:

Now, isn’t that delightful? Huzzah indeed.

Next instalment: last bit of May, my hen do and some more Tumblr-style image dumping, because I am lazy, and…. still reading?  You really give a shit, huh?

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