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Paul’s boutique macarons

June 17, 2010

Yeah, we ate them. Much cheaper than Herme or Laduree and they do rather massive ones too.

Witness how we mashed them en route:

Marvel at their impressive girth:

And now see their innards:

In all, very cakey, and as beefy as a macaron gets.  The most brownie-tasting one I’ve had, quite heavy… but that’s good if you want to be able to actually feel nourished after consuming a macaron and not like you’ve just eaten some decorative and/or sweet air, not to mention handed over physical cash for a wee phantom of a confection.

They are cheap(er), but the big ones come in only limited flavours, and the chocolate wasn’t that intense.  I’d like to try a box of the mini ones, since they come in more flavours (I think – there’s lots of colours in the box) – but you can’t buy all the different mini flavours separately.

I’m sure I should have more enthusiasm for fine sweeties today, but all I can really think about is disgustingly slutty Mr Kipling Fondant Fancies.

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