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Back on track – synopsis

August 2, 2010

So, stitching, baking and punk rock, was it? I think not…. This blog has got a little confused, and has become a lot of ‘what I did this week’ and ‘clothes I really like’, so I’m getting around to changing the strapline at some point to acknowledge this lack of focus, as well as trying to kick my own butt into line, somewhat.

Things I did recently were have an awesome hen weekend organised by my best pal Lex, get married to my incredible partner of six years in an especially fun wedding ( my elopement suggestion was thrown out within a few weeks of getting engaged) and go to Thailand on a particularly exquisite and blissful honeymoon.

Such a crappy blog is not the place to share my personal sentiments of what great friends I have, or how emotional our ceremony was for us, or where my dress was from – I’m of the opinion that what it is for is sharing what crocheting fun we had on my hen weekend, and where our wedding cupcakes were from, and, ummm, stuff we actually crafted personally for the day of our marriage.  So, in chronological order, ready steady go.

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