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Crotchety crochet

August 2, 2010

For my hen party/weekend, my wingwoman Lex organised a crochet workshop for us all, in the comfort of our old favourite cafe/musichall The Malt Cross. After tea in some weird anarchocrust gallery-cum-coffeeshop, eight of my best chums trooped in the drizzle through Nottingham’s [comparatively] tiny city centre to meet April Marie, who Lex found through the Nottingham Craft Mafia. April was an especially friendly young lady who put everyone at ease, and she was, most importantly, a patient and proficient teacher, even dealing with my cack-handed little sister. (I would have put ‘left-handed’ in there but that would infer I think lefties are thus cack-handed, which is clearly not true – my sister is supposedly ambidextrous, but without the dextrous element.  Much like me in many ways.) Witness us both finally getting it here:

Huzzah! Do we look alike? We don’t think so…. Here’s my other wonderful ladies (photo courtesy of Lex):

And here is what we crafted (again, from Lex’s camera):

Mine is the deep blue one at 3 o’clock in the pic. I’ve quite forgotten exactly what to do with a crochet hook now but I’m really sure that, now I have the holding thing down, I could easily pick it up again, given a book or patient instructor. More crocheting soon! (Like, er, after all the other craft projects I mean to do!)

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  1. MaryLou permalink
    April 7, 2013 4:37 pm

    Love the flowers! Is there a link to the pattern? I make hats for charity and these would make a lovely embellishment!

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