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All-time favourite home offices

February 25, 2011

Um, well, my life shifted rather monumentally recently. 200 miles to the north, to be exact.  Hence no blogging from me. It was a longterm plan that rather unexpectedly happened very quickly when a great new job (copywriting) kind of landed in my lap.  So, we’ve left London after five years there – I’m no longer an overpaid civil servant and Matt is self-employed now. It’s great, but it’s very different. I’m kind of still reeling.

Now we live in Sheffield, Matt is working from home so we have a whole room dedicated to The Home Office. None of this ‘sharing with a bed or junk’ business, which is what we had previously in our two-bed maisonette (although it is quite messy after the move still) . One day, one day, this new room’s arse is going to get whipped into shape, but probably no time soon.

It’s also become apparent that my husband really needs/should have his desk to himself now he’s freelance (well, I think so, anyway), and I need to stop fretting about his methods and instead concentrate on an orderly workspace of my own. One day I hope we’ll be able to work from home together, but no bank is going to give us a mortgage for that situation right now, so it’s going to be a while. At home is now the only time I have to continue with my BSI course, and get round to making a crafting space for myself, so I figured it’s about time I bought my own desk and concentrated on making it, like, FEMININE ORGANISATIONAL P[R]AWN.  (You know what I mean…)

This stuff is keeping my mind on the job:


Why do I get off on this stuff so much? I’ve always thought I could be a bit Aspergers-ish with my preoccupation with organising.

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