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We all got (vintage) baggage

April 11, 2011

Have you been [hypothetically] waiting for 3 years for Steamline to actually re-stock or re-release their beautiful luggage? Yeah, me too!  Er, of course! *shifty eyes* (Kidding myself that I’d ever spend money on this…). Turns out they have a few more pieces available now but they’re mostly shipping to the US only. Let’s just get frustrated here, shall we? Torture:

High on the list of ‘Rich People Problems’ (I’m not rich but I don’t really have any other negative issues to grapple with – happily married, good job, satisfactory friends and family) and ‘Shit I Don’t Need By Any Stretch of the Imagination’ is pretty vintage-style luggage. The worst thing about genuine vintage luggage is that you gotta carry the bugger – it’s got no wheeeeeels! If you’re a noodly-armed 90lb weakling like me, you’ll not be [hypothetically – like I can afford it] wanting to do that one. Rather unbecoming. You need (course you do) the mod cons like pull out handles and wheels, which these badboys have. Anyway it’s not like I have any money, so this is a pie in the sky wantlist. I certainly wouldn’t dream of spending hundreds of pounds on reproduction luggage when there are simply way more important things in life.

So, bored of [hypothetically] waiting for Steamline to pull their thumbs out their butts anytime soon, I’ve rounded up these potential moneywasters. My my, they are pretty. And quite unnecessary. I’m sure they’d get screwed to hell in the hold or on the luggage carousel. Basically, something to buy if you have tons of money to burn and can afford two sets of luggage!

Go see Alstermo Bruk luggage – made in Sweden. It’s delicious. I could eat it.

From Alstermo Bruk

From Alstermo Bruk


And furthermore, see  Uppercase Luggage. Also, go eat it (you might have to just chew on leather for nutrition – can you even afford food now?). So beautiful.



Barley brown Uppercase

Now, go do your Poirot LARPing (or is that just me?).

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