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Our wedding

May 31, 2012

Might as well publish it here!

No words, really. We got married in July 2010 at the Honourable Artillery Company in London. I’m not going to trot out some trite drivel about weddings days – ultimately, they are the best of times, and they are massively tiring. There are as many experiences of wedding days as there are fish in the sea, so there is little point in my pontificating about such a personal and unique experience.

These first batch of pictures are by our ‘official’ photographer, Ines at Source Images (we were also featured on their blog, which neither of us were aware of):

These ones below are by our wonderful and much missed friend, Agata:

And these pictures are by the talented Ben:

This one by Lex:

Yep - we wrote a newspaper to entertain people

This by gorgeous Anna (bottom right) – thanks to 3 of our friends (Jenn, Agata and Rose) who travelled over oceans for our wedding. I miss you!:

There is huge pressure to make your wedding ‘unique’ and quirky – ‘vintage’ style is becoming the new mainstream. In a few years there will be a backlash against the current style and everything will about turn in some other direction. Honestly – it’s one day, and while it’s really special and personal, the thing that matters most is your marriage, not what your brief party looks like.

I know from reading a massive amount of wedding blogs (er, yeah, I’m still reading them… and what?) that so many people after the event feel that somehow their wedding wasn’t good enough and doesn’t look glamorous enough in the photos.  But seriously, does (and should) your entire wedding revolve around getting featured on a fucking wedding blog or magazine? More fool you, then. I think our wedding was bloody marvellous, thanks – everyone said it was the best wedding they’d ever been to! I declined to have it featured on that blog, too.

We did some other things nobody really got great photos of: vegan cakes, transfer tattoos we made (seen above on Rose), sweet jars, some cultural education by way of table names, and the sickest manicures you ever did see.

But then I accidentally ate most of the rhinestones on my nails.  “I accidentally ate it all”  can probably be applied universally to the whole experience. Yup.

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